Confused about how to add ICO

Hi, I am trying to add add my my EOS tokens from the ICO.
I also got in the QTUM Ico with Bitcoin and don’t know how to add this either.

How can I do this?

Hi there @Crypto_Karen - so glad you’ve joined the ZenLedger community.

Great question!

As long as you import the wallet in which you received your EOS and QTUM, you are all set from a tax perspective. Or, you can use the attached method of manual entry to enter the ICO if you don’t have access to the wallet or exchange where the ICO tokens were recieved:

Your INCOMING coins that you purchased in the ICO become part of your holdings. The OUTGOING coins that you used to buy into the ICO will be treated as a taxable “sell” transaction and will show up on your 8949.

Here’s more about importing wallets: How do I upload wallet transactions?
Here’s more about manually entering tokens: How do I manually enter transactions?

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense, happy to help clarify further!

@zenledger_rebecca Thank you for your answer.

So to correctly calculate taxes for an ICO I need:

1 outgoing transaction
1 incoming transactions

Do I need a third transaction for the trade?

Hi @Crypto_Karen,

We will automatically connect each EOS pre-ICO ERC20 coin to each EOS mainnet coin and track your cost basis and taxes as you got into other coins.

All you need to do is import the exchange/wallet where you purchased the pre-ICO EOS coins, and the exchange/wallet where you received the post-mainnet EOS coins, and you’re good to go. We’ll track the basis for the pre-and post transactions so that your report can be accurately generated in terms of these tokens, as well as any staking rewards you had both pre-and post- ICO.

So, in summary, as long as you import all of your wallets and exchanges, you need do nothing else!

Thanks again for your question, let me know if any of this is confusing or you need additional support!