Connect with my CPA with my current plan?

I recently purchased the premium plan and could like to connect to my CPA. Does this add on any other charges ? I couldn’t find any information on that.


Yes that’s my concern too.

Hi there, great questions (and thanks! Welcome to the ZenLedger community @karrot and @Hanami !)

There’s no additional cost to invite your CPA into your account. Many of our customers use this service and their CPAs love it!

Sometimes, our customers don’t have an accountant (or at the least, one that understands crypto) so they work with our CPA firm. Either way, we make it easy. Check out this article for more information on both options: Collaborating with a CPA and to invite your own accountant in, we have step-by-step instructions:

  • Along the left sidebar, navigate to Work with CPA

  • Click Invite CPA .

  • Enter your CPA’s full name and email address. Add an optional note.

  • The invitation is pending until the CPA accepts.