New DeFi Exchanges

New DeFi features/exchanges:

Deribit Exchange ( Margin Trading Support) :heavy_check_mark:
Poloniex Exchange ( Margin Trading Support) :heavy_check_mark:
EtherDelta/ForkDelta Support :heavy_check_mark:
Airswap Exchange Support :heavy_check_mark:
Kyber Network Exchange Support :heavy_check_mark:
Oasis Dex Support :heavy_check_mark:

If you have more exchanges to request, let us know!

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Wow, great job! Excited to see continued DeFi support built into ZenLedger!

Definitely @DHannum8 ! We will be adding a lot more of this support in the coming weeks, so watch this space! And if you have any particular exchanges or wallets that you’re interested in ZenLedger adding that we haven’t yet, we have a place for you to request these: Exchange Requests for exchanges, and Wallet Requests for wallets.