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Hi, I’m Rebecca Lowe, community manager for ZenLedger. I’ll be your guide to getting your tax reports complete, as well as making sure you’re happy with your experience with us and want to tell your friends!

I’m from the great state of Oklahoma, though I have lived in North Carolina, New York, and Massachusetts as well in the past 15 years. I’ve worked in entertainment (television, music, and gaming) and financial technology (brokerage and consumer card) most often in my career. I am married to a software engineer and have three children, four dogs, and a cat. I am an artist and musician in my hobby time, and serve on the board of two local entrepreneurship and civic groups.

I came into the crypto world in 2019 and have been learning so much so quickly! It’s exciting!

What’s your story?

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Also, you’ll likely see me with this email - either way, I’ll be here to help!

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Hi. I’m in Seattle. I’ve been investing since 2017. I’ve dabbled in ICO’s but now mostly stick to BTC and ETH for investing/trading.
I’ve worked in finance and tech and moved around a bunch.
BTC looks to be getting close to 10k again.
Wild ride :slight_smile:

Hi there and welcome, @bitcoiner20 - so glad you’re here!

The “halvening” happened today and it didn’t seem like anything wild happened other than the drop in price on Saturday. What’s your take on this? Read anything interesting that the community might like to read as well?

Thanks so much for being here!